Data Tracking for the C4R400

Data Tracking for the C4R400

Make sure you are connected to your Router

Open up a browser using Chrome, Firefox etc

Type in the following to the URL of the web browser:

Enter the password to modem the default password is: admin ( all lower case)

You will be on the main page. Look in lower left-hand corner orange box that says statistics. CLICK ON IT.Daily Reset enter 23:59

Daily Reset Time Management - Enable

Click Apply to the right Clear Data Day per Month: 18th (for Rural  plan)

Click Apply to the right of it.

Data Management - Enable

Data Type: Data

Below Data Type click the first paper/pencil icon

Change the drop box to GB then click the green check mark.

Click on the next paper/pencil icon and put 95%

Click the green check mark

Click on the last paper/pencil icon

Put 200 and switch to GB then click the green check mark.

Click Apply Below. Scroll up and click on the left back arrow button to go back to the main screen and you can see the Pie Chart for the Data Tracker.(Use 200 GB is recommend here)


You will have to manually reset the data usage:


Log into the router and toggle it to disconnect status.

Then go into the data management window

Go to the data used and set it to 0 click check mark next to the 0 and then click blue apply - make sure it stays at zero after you click apply

Then go back out to the connection screen and toggle the router to connected status

It may take an hour or so for it to start tracking

We have reached out to the manufacturer for assistance in order to make this an automated process.

You will have to do this on the 18th for the Rural plan and the 1st for the Urban plan.
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