How to lock a frequency band c4r400

How to lock a frequency band c4r400

How to lock a frequency band

Step 1. Log into the router via

Step 2. Notate current -dbm for signal strength then turn connect status OFF.

Step 3. Click NETWORK SETTINGS then click NETWORK INFORMATION. The field next to ‘Frequency Band Indicator’ specifies which band the router was connected to before the connect status was turned off. 

Step 4.  In the ‘Set Frequency Band’ dropdown menu, choose the desired channel. Hit apply. 

Step 5. Return to the main screen and turn the connect status ON. Notate your current signal strength -dbm. You may need to repeat these steps with each viable band option until you narrow down the option that provides the best signal. 

Available bands/MHZ


Band 2 – 2100 MHZ

Band 4 – 1900 MHZ

Band 12 – 700 MHZ


Band -2 See above

Band – 4 See above

Band – 17 700 MHZ

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